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For psychotherapy, guest workshops, officiation requests, and other projects, inquiries welcome!

Regarding media, I've been featured on the Optimistic Voices podcast and in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

Thanks for submitting!

Andrea is looking off camera to her right.

And if you're wondering how a Hebrew literature scholar becomes a chaplain, global humanitarian professional, and psychotherapist... 



Columbia University

I never imagined that I'd fall in love with  Hebrew language and Jewish Studies, especially after enduring synagogue Sunday School as a child. But wow, yeah. I also began to study Arabic and after graduation volunteered for 12 months with a peace project in Jerusalem.


M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Columbia University

My M.A. thesis was on Holocaust poetry. My dissertation was on Hebrew prose and gender-based violence. As a grad student, I cared for a dying family member at home for 3 years and then took a year to travel the globe as a Fellow with the Jewish humanitarian organization JDC. 


Louisiana State University

After working in academia and nonprofits, I trained in chaplaincy at University of Michigan's hospital; to broaden my clinical skills, I then got a Masters in Social Work and did a 9-month post-MSW residency in Spirituality & Psychotherapy at CareNet Counseling in NC.

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