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Chaplaincy / Interfaith Weddings

Getting married? Mazal tov!


As a chaplain, I officiate and co-officiate "Jewish-and..." interfaith weddings.


My partner and I as an interpartnered couple faced so many "no"s from clergy when we wanted a wedding that reflected both of our families' traditions. With me, you will never need to apologize for your story or feel inadequate about how you do you.

I love to explore Jewish rituals and traditions from a variety of Jewish denominations, Jewish cultures, and eras from Jewish history. I've served as the Director of Jewish Learning for the Entwine division of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the largest Jewish humanitarian organization in the world, and was the Director of Jewish Life at Chapman University in California prior to moving back to Asheville. I officiate weddings for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations near Asheville, across the USA, and beyond. (I've even officiated a wedding in Turkey!) 

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Spring Wedding

Premarital Conversations

Share a path forward that is authentic to your values and heritages.

A young woman and man are kissing at their wedding. Andrea is one of the officiants standing behind the couple, smiling.

Interfaith Weddings

Love across difference is especially worth honoring and celebrating.

A photo of Andrea presiding over a ceremony as a chaplain. A Torah scroll in a cabinet stands to her right.

Chaplaincy Services

Explore whatever spiritual means to you, inclusive of all faiths or no faith.

Wedding Canopy

Music and Arts in Ritual

Yes, I love to sing! Click below to hear me sing a Hebrew wedding blessing.

BlessingAndrea singing
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